ECOM Marketing Sdn Bhd a Water Filtration company which established in year 2010. Our Company located at Senai Airport City. Our water bottle delivery team are friendly and professional to ensure that 99.9% customer satisfaction. We provide water bottle supply of 5 Gallon (18.9 liters) R.O or Alkaline Water bottle with Ministry of Health and MESTI license together with phone number for customer reference. Customer could make any inquiry through the phone number.
Water Delivery Distribution
Ecom Marketing had the best water delivery team. Each operating days the team will be handling list of customers for water delivery, plans of distribution is made to ensure the water bottle supply arrival on time. Experience and friendly driver were hired for delivery.
Why Choose Us?
As a Ministry of Health (KKM) license holder No KELULUSAN: KKM 163(52/J/53), we priorities every hygiene procedure, quality control and processing control. Every procedure in the mentions Are strictly recorded and conducted. This is to make sure Water delivery supply are not contaminated. Every personnel are strictly and properly train on their daily duties.
Certificate of MESTI is a certificate to prove of our water delivery product is safe and qualified. It is our responsibility that water bottle delivery product is monitored in every process. This certificate is renewing on schedule by the government. Visit from government official will perform survey and inspection during renewal period to assure the production safety and hygienic.
Our water delivery services provide delivery from Office to corporate and Commercial to large industry. We ensure to become the best water bottle delivery company and continue to do so in the future.

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